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the Brightly Earth Development Fund 

~Create YOUR Family Homestead~


Establish YOUR family Legacy.

We will be having 1-2 hectacre parcels available in   1000+acre ecologically sound communities around the world.  Sign up for our newsletter for updates and information on creating your own garden paradise.

What we do:

Acquire 1000 acres at a time, subdivid into 2.5-5 acre parcels, spiraled around a town center.
People have 5 years to demonstrate that they are taking care of it in a healthy/organic way.


Development companies have changed the lanscape of our world.  With one decision, the destiny of that parcel of land is set.  Usually the choices are a suburb or shopping mall….   We are capitalizing on this effect towards a healthy benefit.  Quickly affecting vast tracts of land towards healthy and regenerative practices, while supporting people in having healthy places to live.

Read an open letter from Vladamir Megre on the advent of the Family Homestead:

Author of the “Ringing Cedars Books” about the woman Anastasia.  The homstead movement was powerfully put forth in his books as the main way to restore our world to health and happiness.